Peter Mourtzios

Construction Engineer | Weld Tech

With over 25 years experience in construction of water, sewer and gas mains, Nathan recognised a widening void between frequent design and use of polyethylene pipe and qualified, competent technicians to weld and install accordingly.
The key area of focus for Nathan is workshop fabrication of tees, bends and miscellaneous materials in order complete key projects without experiencing lengthy lead times in procurement.

Nathan is highly proficient and competent in welding to the following to the following standards:
• ISO 21307 Single Low Pressure
• ISO 21307 Single High Pressure
• ASTM 5620 USA Standard High Pressure

Key Qualifications

• Polyethylene Butt Welding – PMBWELD301B
• Polyethylene Electrofusion – PMBWELD302B
• Polyethylene Extrusion Welding – PMBWELD309B
• McElroy University – Large Diameter Polyethylene Welding
(performed in Tulsa, Oklahoma USA)
• Red Card / White Card general induction

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